Paperless consent,
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From Surgical Consent to Concentric...

From Surgical Consent to Concentric...

2019 sees a whole new start for us, with lots of news to share...

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Paperless Consent

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Shared Decisions

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Evidence-based resource. Consent with confidence.

Previously piloted at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the Concentric Ontology supports your practice with the latest evidence.

Seemlessly integrated. Meaning it just works.

Developed with interoperability at its core, API's allow you to spend your time focussing on what matters.


Edward St John

Chief Medical Officer


We initially built it for our own use...

As clinicians, we felt we could improve our own consent practice, using technology to reduce errors, empower our patients with better outcome data, and to facilitate a shared decision.

We believe that the Concentric platform can support individuals, units, and hospitals to transform their consent process, enabling a paperless, fully auditable, and data-rich process.

Reduced errors

and inappropriate variation


to reduce negligence risk

Patient portal

to support decisions

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Published Evidence

International Journal of Surgery

Surgical consent practice in the UK following the Montgomery ruling

July 2018

A national cross-sectional questionnaire study...

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The Surgeon

Hand-written surgical consent forms are frequently suboptimal...

August 2017

and could be improved with electronic, procedure-specific forms...

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LBS HealthTech
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Grant Funding

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Imperial Healthcare

Initial pilot site and continue to collaborate on platform development.

Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

Concentric receives mentorship via the Clinical Entrepreneur programme.

Our mission is to empower each individual to own decisions about their care.