Concentric digital consent application screenshots

Digital consent to treatment

Informed, shared decisions

Digital consent to treatment

Informed, shared decisions

Digital, remote consent
Intuitive and accessible application
Personalised information
Evidence-based and tailored
Informed, shared decisions
Guiding patients through their journey
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Here's everything you need to know

Introduction slides
All you need to know about Concentric

These quick slides share the key benefits, product features and demo, how to get started, and links to our key documents.

View the slides
Consent standards
How Concentric meets the standards

This details the relevant standards for a digital consent application, and how Concentric meets these.

View the evidence
Getting started
Got your login? All you need to get started

Here you'll find our walkthrough demo videos, description of how Concentric is used, and frequently asked questions.

View the guide
Digitally transform your consent process in 2021. To find out more, request a demo, or if you think there something we can do better, we’d love to hear from you.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform for the better - for patients and clinicians - the consent process and how we make decisions about our health. Decisions informed by outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician.

Dafydd Loughran
Dafydd Loughran

Clinical entrepreneur

Edward St John
Edward St John

Consultant surgeon

Martyn Loughran
Martyn Loughran

Chief Technical Officer


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