Concentric Health - a summary

Concentric Health - a summary

by Dafydd Loughran, CEO
March 2020

At Concentric Health our mission is to transform how decisions are made about our health. Decisions informed by patient outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician.

Concentric digitally transforms the paper process of giving consent for surgery or a procedure. We’re confident that you’ll agree that the software is a great experience to use, for both patients and clinicians. The platform is supported by our ontology, a structured evidence-based resource which covers over a thousand procedures, across the specialties.

The end-to-end journey, for both patient and clinician is transformed. Concentric facilitates better consult conversations and provides patients with accessible information from home. From personalising information to an individual, recording a digital signature, through to an optimised view for checking consent in theatre the clinical pathway has been considered.

Do you need it?

Surgical care is a core element of most healthcare services, and represents a large proportion of both organisational spend, and user experience of the system. Consent for surgery is a key element of that care, in terms of the quality of surgical decision-making, experiences of patient-centred care, and organisational medico-legal risk.

Following recent cases and inquiries (Montgomery 2015, Thefaut vs Johnston 2017, Paterson Inquiry 2020), informed consent practices have been brought to the forefront, with new standards needing to be met around personalisation and documentation of the consent process. New guidance requires adequate time to be allowed for consideration of consent and the necessity to provide information in lay language addressed directly to the patient. In parallel, significant evidence demonstrates the benefits of increased patient engagement in shared decision-making and the consent process, leading to better, often more conservative decisions.

The current paper consent process has been demonstrated to be associated with significant errors and inappropriate variation in practice, contributing to medicolegal risk, system inefficiencies, and poor patient experiences.

What are the benefits?

Digital transformation of your consent process with Concentric will lead to the following:

  • Reduced consent form errors and medicolegal risk, with improved documentation of the consent process.
  • Improved patient experience of decision-making process, understanding of decisions to be made, and what to expect during their journey.
  • Release of clinical time through reduced administrative time.
  • Improved operational efficiency through reduced day-of-surgery delays and cancellations.
  • Reduced paper use, both consent forms and patient information leaflets.


During the process of going live at our initial sites (more on that in an upcoming post) we’ve demonstrated that we meet and exceed the requirements for deploying software into clinical use. This involves certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus, GDPR compliance, clinical safety reviews, and EHR integration testing.

Want to find out more?

I’d be delighted to show you the platform, and walk you through how you can digitally transform your surgical consent process with Concentric. Say hello at

“Absolutely love it! Love the user experience, really intuitive. This is the future!”
- Jonathan Holley, Orthopaedic Registrar and National Medical Director’s Fellow