#StayHome - our part to play

#StayHome - our part to play

Edward St John
by Edward St John, Chief Medical Officer
March 2020
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Whilst elective operations are cancelled, many cancer and emergency operations are to continue. Cancer does not pause for another crisis, nor does it not become less scary for the individual.

Imagine that you are a patient newly diagnosed with cancer. You’re being asked to visit the hospital for pre-operative appointments, and face an operation in the coming weeks. Where previously the hospital brought reassurance, support, and care, it now brings fear of becoming infected.

As a health technology startup we’re joining the huge effort to shift to remote consultations wherever possible. With the help of remote consent let’s ensure that we do not bring patients into physical pre-operative appointments unnecessarily. As well as reducing the risk of exposure, this also means that clinic areas can be used differently and reduces the use of vital personal protective equipment (PPE).

Concentric supports conversations between patient and clinician and guides patients with accessible, trusted resources to help prepare for surgery. With remote consent, either at the time of consultation or following, unnecessary and worrisome pre-operative hospital visits can be avoided.

Removing deployment challenges

Mountains are being moved at a pace and efficiency beyond what most of us could have imagined only a week ago.

As one cog in the effort to support the global response to coronavirus, we’re streamlining the process of getting started with Concentric. Whilst electronic health record integrations are nice, they are not always necessary, and patient safety can be maintained.

Our aim is for you to be able to start using Concentric in your healthcare organisation within days.

Available wherever you are

Private hospitals are being made available as extra capacity, in many cases to allow urgent operations to continue. This brings challenges in terms of managing medical records across new sites. Digitally transform your consent process and all the documentation will be available wherever and whenever you need it.

Every little helps

With the option of the use of patients’ own devices for signing, the risk of transmitting the virus on shared pens, paper or devices is removed.

We’re here to help

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