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Value Based Healthcare and the technology revolution
June 2019

Value-based healthcare - a medical student’s perspective

Initial explorations into the field of value-based healthcare reveals hidden complexity, and lots of opportunities…

Arwel Poacher
By Arwel Poacher
George Sheldrake at Tramshed Tech
June 2019

Designing Concentric

We’ve been busy at Concentric designing. Which for me is the fun part! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

George Sheldrake
By George Sheldrake
Patient journey through surgery
May 2019

How and why do we make decisions about treatment?

What I learnt from discussing the consent process with individuals from a number of different perspectives…

Elise Johanson
By Elise Johanson
Assessing health technology
March 2019

Assessing health technology - a medical student’s perspective

I’ve been looking at how decisions are made about implementing health technologies - what does good look like?

Elise Johanson
By Elise Johanson
OpInform Surgical Consent screenshot and Concentric Health logo
January 2019

From Surgical Consent to Concentric

Lots of exciting news to share - New name, big grant, and exciting job opportunities!

Dafydd Loughran
By Dafydd Loughran
The process for obtaining consent for a surgical procedure
September 2017

Obtaining consent for an operation

Here, in a piece written for the Student BMJ, read about the key components of a good consent process

Dafydd Loughran
By Dafydd Loughran