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Handwritten surgical consent forms paper image
August 2017

Paper: Improving surgical consent by using electronic procedure-specific forms (econsent)

Can using electronic, procedure-specific consent forms reduce errors?

Edward St John
By Edward St John
Montgomery judgement
February 2017

Montgomery fallout

The Montgomery judgement brought significant change, but equally interesting has been how the courts have subsequently been applying these new principles…

Paul Sankey
By Paul Sankey
Consent to treatment law blog
January 2017

Doctors' duty in obtaining informed consent

A very significant change in the law took place in March 2015 which has serious implications for doctors discussing options for treatment with patients and obtaining consent…

Paul Sankey
By Paul Sankey
Surgical consent - world's largest Chinese whisper blog image
September 2014

Paper: Surgical consent - the world’s largest Chinese whisper?

Is it time for the traditional consent process to give way to a new evidence-based gold standard?

Dafydd Loughran
By Dafydd Loughran