Remote consent for treatment

Dafydd Loughran
by Dafydd Loughran, CEO
November 2020
Remote consent for treatment

Do you want an easy and compliant way to manage the consent process remotely? We can help.

As we all adapt to doing things differently, one hurdle patients and clinicians are dealing with is how to give consent to surgery or treatment without unnecessary and risky visits to hospital.

We’ve seen organisations put all sorts of mechanisms in place over the last few weeks, from posting consent forms out to patients, to temporarily changing requirements around needing consent forms to be physically signed.

Concentric - an easier way

In March of this year we shifted our priorities to focus on making remote consent in Concentric a seamless experience for both patients and clinicians.

Alongside either a video or voice consultation, you can share bespoke information with your patients, accessible within their patient application. Remote consent can be enabled with a single click and can be given with a digital signature either at the time of the consultation or subsequently.

There is no need to devise complex processes for remote consent. Just switch to Concentric.

How does it work?

This short video is a demonstration of the Concentric digital consent application:

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