Delivery playbook

Our delivery playbook is an implementation guide for introducing Concentric into a large organisation (e.g. an NHS Trust or Health Board). It has been developed iteratively by the team based on our existing 20+ deployments in the UK.

The aim of the playbook is to be a one stop shop for project teams to understand the recommended approach and have access to project resources to simplify implementation.

It is useful for project teams to go through the playbook in detail towards the start of the project, and then leverage the resources as required during the phases of implementation.

Delivery phases and activities

This is the main section of the playbook, outlining the overall structure of a deployment and the individual activities.

Concentric delivery playbook flowchart


This is a list of all the resources included within the playbook, for easy access during the project.

Within the delivery playbook

Kick-off meeting agenda

An outline agenda for the kick-off meeting at the start of a Concentric deployment project, including the key points of discussion and decisions to be made.

Technical scoping meeting agenda

An outline agenda for the technical scoping meeting for a Concentric deployment - where decisions around the scope and approach of integration should be made.

Go-live integration requirements

An approach to thinking about what integrations need to be in place prior to a Concentric go-live.


Our guide regarding device compatibility and how to consider whether additional devices are required for a Concentric deployment.

Clinical engagement and training

An outline of the recommended approach to training for clinician users, trainers and administrators, and the support available for this from Concentric.

Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) template

A DPIA template for use by organisations deploying Concentric.

DCB0160 Clinical Safety Case Report addendum template

Our DCB0160 template is for use by deploying organisations to ensure compliance with the clinical safety standard.

Consent policy updates

These are our suggested consent policy updates for during implementation and at the transition to business as usual.

Patient demographics testing checklist

An outline of the testing requirements for a demographics integration, and details of required test patient characteristics.

Application support and service level agreements (SLAs)

An outline of the support and SLAs offered for large organisations deploying Concentric.

Business continuity plan (BCP)

A guide for how organisations should consider business continuity in scenarios where Concentric cannot be used.

Process for consent template updates

An outline of the process for requesting consent template updates and our target timeframes to deliver requested changes.

Patient information leaflets process

Our description of the process for embedding local information leaflets into a Concentric deployment.

Release processes

A guide to the different types of Concentric releases, and the process followed for each.

Go-live checklist

Our requirements checklist for large organisations to use prior to a Concentric go-live.

Elsewhere on this website

Pricing for large organisations

We're confident that Concentric will improve your consent process, be a pleasure to use, and save you money. Explore our pricing tiers for large organisations.

Example clinician onboarding information

An example of onboarding information that can be hosted by Concentric and be sent to clinicians at account creation.

Technical information

Within our technical information pages are the details of how Concentric is built, information governance, and how it integrates with other systems.

Document integration considerations

This page is written for the project implementation team to support discussions around when consent PDFs are sent from Concentric, how they are managed on the organisation’s side, and how they should be displayed to clinical users.

Sharing information with patients

A summary of how information is shared with patients within Concentric, including the benefits of sharing information digitally.

Concentric on G Cloud 13

G Cloud 13 is the UK Goverment's procurement framework for digital services, and is the most common way Concentric is purchased.

Example digital consent requirements specification

An example of a tender specification used by an NHS Trust.

Example patient communications on an NHS Trust’s website

Most deploying organisations have a link on their website regarding its use of Concentric, which is then linked to in messages from Concentric, to reassure patients that it is genuine communication.