Clinical engagement and training

For each deployment, the following is offered to support the successful implementation and transition to business as usual.

Clinical engagement

Two sessions are usually undertaken for each deployment, one for the clinical team who will create consent episodes and use Concentric with patients, and another for theatre teams who will engage with the output consent form PDF form from Concentric.

These sessions should be recorded and made available to staff unable to attend to maximise awareness.


A train-the-trainer approach is utilised for delivery to ensure the sustainability of training with regular rotations.

The number of train-the-trainer sessions is dependent on the contract size (as per pricing tiers), from 1 for small deployments, up to 5 for regional deployments.

Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes and works best with 5-7 trainers. Who is best to include as trainers is a deploying organisation decision and may involve the training team (if there is one) and clinicians. Consideration should be given to whether the trainers are likely to be at the organisation in the medium term (e.g. in most cases, it isn’t most effective to have a doctor in training who is rotating from the organisation in less than 6 months as a trainer)

A six-monthly update session will be offered to the training team to discuss product updates and discuss any local challenges and feedback.

Admin user training

Our admin application, accessed separately to the main Concentric application, is where user accounts can be managed, and a dashboard of the organisation’s use of Concentric can be explored. Our admin guide supports secure and effective use of the admin application, as well as covering the processes that should be put in place around admin access.

Clinician champions

Internally it is advised that a group of clinical champions are identified to support the project team to drive awareness and clinical use, support with departmental presentations and queries, and support with measurement of impact.

Pairings of a consultant and a trainee can be effective to ensure there is both influence and capacity to support the project within each department.

User onboarding

An onboarding guide is shared with each clinical user at account setup and can be hosted by Concentric or locally. An example of local onboarding information (including details regarding integration with other local systems) is seen here.

Further reading

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