Process for consent template updates

The majority of Concentric deployments use the core version of the Concentric Ontology, often with the addition of local, supplementary patient information leaflets to the Concentric consent templates (read about the process of adding local patient information). We believe the Concentric ontology is the largest and best resource of consent information globally.

Templates can be modified to the individual patient within Concentric, for example to add a particular indication or to modify the risk profile for the individual, and if a template does not exist for the treatment a consent episode can be created using a blank template.

Where changes to a Concentric template are required - for example where local incidence data is available for certain complications, or where a new template is required, these can be requested either via the ‘Content request’ link within the application, or via email.

Depending on local preferences, and often the phase of deployment/BAU, requests can be managed directly between Concentric and the clinical team, or via a project manager or support team.

Requests are prioritised by the Concentric team. We aim to do this in an equitable fashion and don’t base it on the volume of emails from an individual tenant. As part of prioritisation, we will consider how common the request is across all tenants, the complexity of the request, and how straightforward it is to modify existing templates to meet the requirement in the interim.

We are a small team, and are also bound by certain quality standards in terms of clinical content (read about our PIF Tick certification) and so for the majority of requests these will be actioned in weeks or months rather than days. We can provide visibility to the project team of any requests from within the organisation, and the status of those requests. When requests are completed the relevant clinician is notified.

One of the feature requests we receive most commonly is the option to manage individual templates. There are a number of use cases for this, for example if individual clinician outcome data is known. We know that it can be frustrating to have to make the same edits to a certain template each time. Delivering this feature is currently a high priority for us, and we look forward to updating the community through our release notes when this is released.

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