Go-live checklist

For any large organisation deployment, the following can be used as a go-live checklist:

Information governance

  • Data protection impact assessment completed and approved (Required)
  • Data processing agreement between both parties (Required)


  • Pre-production environment testing completed (Required)
  • Approval to deploy to production (Required)

Clinical safety

  • Deploying organisation clinical safety case report (DCB0160) approved by local Clinical Safety Officer (Required)


  • 1st line support protocol developed and embedded in support team documentation (Required)
  • User management (starters and leavers) process agreed and documented (Required)
  • Consent standard operating procedure updated to include digital consent use (Recommended)
  • Clinician-facing onboarding information published (Recommended)
  • Patient-facing information added to organisation website (Recommended)


  • Contract signed by both parties (Required)

Further reading

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