Kick-off meeting agenda

This is an outline agenda for the Kick-off meeting (Delivery playbook - Phase 1) and includes the key points of discussion and decisions to be made.

The kick-off meeting should have representation from all key stakeholders, outline the delivery process to be followed, and identify key questions to answer prior to a ‘decisions meeting’ in 1-2 weeks time.

Suggested attendees

  • Internal senior responsible officer (Chair). A senior individual should be named as overall project lead, sometimes referred to as the senior responsible officer (SRO) for the project. Depending on local context this may be the Chief Clinical Information Officer, Consent Board Lead, Director of Innovation etc.
  • Internal digital consent project manager. A project manager should be assigned to the project. With the exception of small scale initial pilots we would recommend this individual being able to allocate 0.5 FTE (full time equivalent) of time to the project for 4-6 months.
  • Internal technical / integration lead. There are a number of integrations that are usually undertaken as part of a deployment. This individual needs to have the oversight to understand who is needed for the Technical scoping activity.
  • Internal digital consent clinical lead. A clinical lead should be assigned to the project. This will usually be a consultant and performed alongside usual clinical duties.
  • Internal digital consent chief registrar. Given that in most cases the majority of consents are done not by a consultant but rather one of the ‘junior’ team it is beneficial to involve a registrar to lead on the clinical elements of the project alongside the clinical lead.
  • Concentric Health project lead. A project lead will be assigned to support the successful delivery and will be the key point of contact for the duration of the delivery.

Meeting preparation

Agenda items

Project summary

It is useful to briefly align the group on the purpose of the project (the consent process may not be known to some attendees), and any useful context from conversations prior to a ‘decision to adopt’. Following introductions the 3 phases of delivery should be shown, with the target timeframes.

Roles and responsibilities

By the ‘Decisions meeting’ 1-2 weeks following the kick-off the following roles should all be assigned for the project:

  • Senior Responsible Officer
  • Project manager
  • Technical lead
  • Clinical lead
  • Chief registrar
  • Procurement lead
  • Clinical Safety Officer
  • Information governance contact point
  • Helpdesk contact point
  • Communications contact point

Phase 1 deliverables

The following should be in place during phase 1, to be agreed and documented at the ‘Decisions meeting’.

Delivery scope: Which specialties are to be considered as the initial specialties for the roll-out phase? This will usually involve some conversations with clinical teams following the kick-off meeting to assess appetite to be initial champions.

Technical scope: Technical lead will lead on discussion regarding any queries from the documentation shared, and agree a small group of leads for each integration area to decide on approach.

Technical capacity: Internal technical capacity is often the limiting factor to speed of delivery so current state of allocating capacity - and process to do so if not already allocated - to be discussed.

Procurement engagement: Decisions regarding procurement frameworks and contract finalisation can take a number of weeks so the identification of a procurement lead and a decision regarding procurement approach should be made prior to the ‘Decisions meeting’.

Project management

Expectations around project management should be shared with the group which will usually involve:

  • Weekly brief (15-30 mins) project call
  • Project outline document which is maintained throughout the project


Initial communications should be started during phase 1 to support clinical engagement and awareness of the project and upcoming changes. At this point this will usually be simply an internal message to all relevant staff via the intranet or staff mail shot.

Post-meeting actions

  • Demo environment logins and getting started guide shared with clinical lead and chief registrar to support conversations with potential initial specialties
  • Technical scoping meeting to be arranged
  • ‘Decisions meeting’ to be arranged for 1-2 weeks

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