Patient demographics testing checklist

Prior to the deployment of a patient demographics integration into the live environment, a number of scenarios should be tested in the test environment.

For this to be possible there should be a test patient that meets each of these criteria:

  1. Patient with each of the identifier numbers being used as part of the integration (e.g. NHS Number +/- hospital number). Depending on the setup there may be more permutations to test here - for example, a patient with an NHS Number but no hospital number and vice versa.

  2. Patient with more than one given name

  3. Deceased patient with a date of death

  4. Example patient for all possible genders

  5. Patient with no contact details

  6. Patient with only email address as contact details

  7. Patient with only mobile number as contact details

  8. Patient with both email address and mobile number as contact details

  9. A child under the age of 14

  10. A record that has been merged (maintain both the merged and retained identifiers)

The following may also be relevant depending on how patient demographics can be stored within the organisation:

  1. Patient without title

  2. Patient with a preferred name

  3. Deceased patient without a recorded date of death

Testing should check that:

  • Patient demographics are displayed correctly in all the above scenarios
  • Contact details are pre-filled correctly when sharing information with the patient
  • Appropriate consent forms can be selected for child patients
  • Following a merge:
    • Searching for the merged (old) record returns the primary/retained record
    • Viewing the primary/retained record displays episodes previously created under the merged (old) record

Full details regarding demographic integration, including a description of each field and FAQs are available here.

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