Technical scoping meeting agenda

This is an outline agenda for the technical scoping meeting - where decisions around scope and approach of integration should be made.

Suggested attendees

  • Concentric Health CTO

  • Concentric Health project manager

  • Internal technical / integration lead

  • Internal digital consent project manager

  • Representation from internal technical / integration team with knowledge of:

    • Demographics: someone with knowledge of demographic data internally - how it’s stored and how it can be queried etc.
    • Documents: someone with knowledge of how documents are managed internally - where these are stored and how documents can be sent etc.
    • Authentication: someone with knowledge of active directory setup internally - what approach is used, whether it is internet facing etc.
    • Infrastructure
    • Integration engine

Meeting preparation

The following should be read by each attendee prior to the meeting so that the meeting time can be spent discussing the optimum approach:

Discussion points and deliverables

An approach for each of the following should be decided during the call:

  • Demographic lookup approach
  • Document ingestion approach
  • Authentication approach - if in scope for integration (otherwise Concentric accounts used)
  • Connectivity approach - web / cloud connector / VPN


  • Proposed architecture diagram with named systems and mechanism of communication between relevant systems

Further reading


An outline of the possible integrations, and available technical approaches to integration.


Go-live integration requirements

An approach to thinking about what integrations need to be in place prior to a Concentric go-live.