Delivery playbook

Having introduced Concentric into a number of different organisations we’ve brought together this delivery playbook of our thoughts on how to do so seamlessly. Each organisation is different of course, so use this playbook as a guide alongside your knowledge of the local context.

What’s covered in the delivery playbook?

Delivery process overview and timeframes

The implementation delivery is divided into 3 phases, a ‘decisions’ phase, ‘setup’ phase, and ‘roll-out’ phase. Below is a high level process map and outline timeframe for each, with a detailed description of what each activity involves in the next section.

Phase 1 - Decisions

Phase 1 commences at the point of decision to adopt Concentric, which may be following a tender process, funding award, or prior to a pilot. With key individuals the scope and approach for the key elements is decided then brought back together.

Delivery playbook - Phase 1 - Decisions

Phase 1 deliverables:

  • Scope of delivery (which specialties initially etc?)
  • Technical scope and approach (which integrations, how, and in what order?)
  • Timeframes and capacity (internal technical capacity, project management resource etc)

Detailed description of phase 1 activities here

Phase 2 - Setup

Phase 2 has a number of moving parts but essentially comes down to 5 key elements - procurement, technical integration, staff engagement, required approvals, and support processes.

Delivery playbook - Phase 2 - Setup

Phase 2 deliverables:

  • Clinical engagement, and training of initial users
  • Technical integrations completed and released to production environment
  • Required documentation and approvals in place (DPIA, Data Processing Agreement, Clinical Safety Case)
  • Operational processes arranged (support, user management etc)
  • Signed contract

Detailed description of phase 2 activities here

Phase 3 - Roll-out

Phase 3 is usually approached in 2 steps, an initial launch in a handful of initial departments to iron out any local issues, followed by organisation-wide roll out.

Delivery playbook - Phase 3 - Roll-out

Phase 3 deliverables:

  • As per measurement strategy (use over time, impact etc)

Detailed description of phase 3 activities here