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Can digital consent move the needle when it comes to SDM?

19 Aug 2022

Read about the two new studies that have shown that patient perceptions of Shared Decision Making improve with the use of digital consent.

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BJS - digital consent paper

Errors seen in half of paper consent forms. It's time for digital consent.

20 May 2021

Read a summary of the findings from a recent paper looking at digital consent in the British Journal of Surgery.

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What Hippocrates didn’t tell us

2 Sep 2019

We took a little time to look backwards and what we found was unexpected…

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Gavel and block - Consent for surgery

Conversations on consent

8 Jul 2019

Consent is changing, and for the better, but we are still a long way from perfection.

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Patient journey through surgery

How and why do we make decisions about treatment?

2 May 2019

What I learnt from discussing the consent process with individuals from a number of different perspectives...

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The process for obtaining consent for a surgical procedure

Obtaining consent for an operation

1 Sep 2017

Here, in a piece written for the Student BMJ, read about the key components of a good consent process

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Montgomery judgement

Montgomery fallout

1 Feb 2017

The Montgomery judgement brought significant change, but equally interesting has been how the courts have subsequently been applying these new principles...

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Consent to treatment law blog

Doctors' duty in obtaining informed consent

3 Jan 2017

A very significant change in the law took place in March 2015 which has serious implications for doctors discussing options for treatment with patients and obtaining consent...

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