From ooo… to ahh 🤩 A new website!

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that things look a little different around here… We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website! Our old website was a long way short of being as polished as the Concentric application itself, so we’ve given it some love.

With the benefit of a few years experience we now better understand the journey from hearing about digital consent for the first time, through to using Concentric daily, and every step in between. Alongside just generally making the website a more engaging place to be, the new website tries to support the many different groups of people who visit the website, from clinician users, to project teams considering and deploying Concentric, through to patients who have been sent consent information.

The two Robbs, as they’ve affectionately become known, Robb Green and Robb Owen have spearheaded the update, we hope you like it! (From ooo to ahh is a Robb Green quote for design updates generally, in case you were wondering!) Here are a few new things to check out…

Our intro animation

Our website had lots of great written information, but it was lacking other ways to learn about Concentric. Our new intro video is an animation covering the reasons for switching to digital consent, and why choose Concentric.

(From what I’ve heard, the voiceover on the video is the best bit about the new site and is definitely worth a listen - but I’ll let you decide for yourself 😂)

Our main competitor is the status quo. With the evidence base for digital over paper consent growing significantly over the last couple of years we’ve summarised why organisations should switch to digital consent, outlining the benefits of digital consent for organisations, clinicians, and patients.

And for those who are already sold on digital consent? Great! We previously didn’t discuss what made us the leader in the field. Now we do! Take a look at what we’ve picked out.

Information for patients

With around 1,000 patients being sent information via Concentric each day by now it’s of no surprise that a significant proportion of our website visitors are patients. Previously our website was geared around the needs of clinicians and organisations. You’ll now notice a banner on the homepage directing patients towards more relevant information.

Our information for patients page covers what Concentric is and why digital consent is being used. Recognising that digital consent may be a substantially different process to what patients are used to, it also aims to reassure regarding the process, explain how health data is kept safe, and shares answers to frequently asked questions.

About the team

Our old website had lots of information about Concentric itself, but we hadn’t really shared too much about the team behind it. Reading our about us page will give you more of an insight into who we are, and why we’ve chosen Concentric as the project to invest our time and energy in.

Opportunities to join the team

Interested in joining our small, focused team transforming digital consent in healthcare? Check out our careers page to stay up to date with the latest opportunities to join the Concentric team – we are currently looking for a backend engineer!

What do you think?

We hope that our new website better reflects Concentric, and is as much of a pleasure to use as our application is. Have you had a scroll through our website? We’d love to hear your thoughts – get in touch!