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Can digital consent move the needle when it comes to SDM?

19 Aug 2022

Read about the two new studies that have shown that patient perceptions of Shared Decision Making improve with the use of digital consent.

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BJS - digital consent paper

Errors seen in half of paper consent forms. It's time for digital consent.

20 May 2021

Read a summary of the findings from a recent paper looking at digital consent in the British Journal of Surgery.

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Concentric Health and ATiC collaboration

Divided perspectives on shared decisions

5 May 2020

What's getting in the way of great consultations?

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Paper: Improving surgical consent by using electronic procedure-specific forms (econsent)

1 Aug 2017

Can using electronic, procedure-specific consent forms reduce errors?

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Surgical consent - world's largest Chinese whisper blog image

Paper: Surgical consent - the world's largest Chinese whisper?

9 Sep 2014

Is it time for the traditional consent process to give way to a new evidence-based gold standard?

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