Supporting you with treatment decisions

Our digital consent application supports patients and clinicians making shared decisions about treatment - in clinic, at the bedside, and from home.

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Your personalised information

Within Concentric is information selected for you by your clinician, describing the proposed treatment, the indication, and planned benefits. It covers the alternative treatment options too, to help you consider what the right treatment is for you.

All treatments have some possible risks. These are described simply, including how likely they are, and what it might mean for you should they occur. You'll also be able to see any notes written for you by your clinician.

Alongside this information there will often be links to other information from your healthcare organisation and other trusted sources, so that you are fully informed about the treatment and what to expect.

Patient reading their Concentric information

Take your time, from wherever you're comfortable

It's often difficult to take in the information discussed at a medical appointment. With access to your consent information online you can take your time to consider the information, and do so from wherever you're most comfortable. You'll still discuss the information with your clinician - Concentric sits alongside and supports that process.

You can come back to the information as often as you wish, and share it with those around you. Where appropriate, you can sign to give your consent for treatment from home, when you're ready to do so.

Secure information

Keeping your health data safe

We know how important it is that your health data is stored securely and dealt with appropriately. We provide Concentric to support healthcare organisations delivering care, and do not use patients' health data for any other purpose.

We're compliant with data regulations such as GDPR, and best practice security standards are followed to minimise the risk of a data breach.

You can read more about our approach to data, and your individual data rights, in our privacy notice.

Got a question or need help?

It's okay to have all sorts of questions in the lead up to, and after, treatment. And it's okay to struggle with new digital technologies. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page answers the questions we commonly receive.

If our FAQs haven't helped and you need to contact the Concentric support team please complete our patient support contact form.