Concentric resources

Find everything you need to know about getting started with, and using Concentric

Why switch to digital consent?

Read about the problems with the traditional process, and the impact of introducing Concentric.

Standards and Guidelines Conformance

Standards and guidelines conformance of the Concentric digital consent application.

Information governance and technical details

Explore the technical and information governance details.


See what Concentric costs and how it can be purchased.

Deployment across the organisation

Here’s what deploying Concentric looks like, including suggested timeframes.

Getting started guide

Welcome! Here’s your guide to getting started with Concentric

Privacy notice

Privacy notice for the Concentric digital consent application.

Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement for the Concentric digital consent application

Sharing information with patients

Find out how information is shared with patients

Clinical risk management system

Outlines the processes to be followed to ensure that Concentric is developed, implemented and used in as safe manner

Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) template

An example DPIA template for use by deploying organisations

Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)

Concentric Health’s conformance with the DTAC

Consent form 4 / Treatment in best interests

A guide to using Concentric for an adult who lacks the capacity to consent to treatment