Deployment across the organisation

Dafydd Loughran
by Dafydd Loughran, CEO

Having introduced Concentric into a number of different organisations we have experience in supporting a safe, efficient and effective implementation of Concentric as the default consent method.

This page outlines at a high level our recommended approach to introduce Concentric. Each organisation is different of course, and so this should be used as a guide alongside your knowledge of the local context.

For a more in depth guide to deployment, the steps involved, and key resources visit our delivery playbook.

Following a decision to adopt Concentric the implementation delivery is divided into 3 phases, a ‘decisions’ phase, ‘setup’ phase, and ‘roll-out’ phase, with the aim of reaching a digital consent by default ‘business as usual’ state within 24 weeks.

Phase 1 - Decisions:

Delivery playbook - Phase 1 - Decisions

Phase 2 - Setup:

Delivery playbook - Phase 2 - Decisions

Phase 3 - Roll-out:

Delivery playbook - Phase 3 - Decisions

In parallel during each of these phases a 15 minute weekly project ‘standup’ is recommended between the Concentric project manager and the internal project manager.

Resource requirements

It is recommended that there is an internal project manager assigned to leading the introduction of digital consent. Our experience is that for a successful deployment this individual may need to allocate around half their time to the project during phases 1-3.

Resource requirements for integration is dependant on internal architecture, whether modern API’s can be used etc, so an accurate estimate is best reached through a brief conversation with our technical team. You can email to arrange a conversation.